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Bek Millhouse is an award-winning children's book illustrator with a passion for social, cultural and environmental themes. She has four 'book-babies' under her belt.

"There was a point at which I was the big kid in the children's section of the library. My ninth grade English teacher told me I should be reading more challenging titles than The Borrowers ... little did he realize that a children's book illustrator was in the making."

Bek aspires to produce illustrations that spark conversation; striving to create relatable images that reflect stories of diversity, inclusion and awareness. She skillfully manages a myriad of techniques, ranging from watercolor, airbrush and pencil, to ink, printmaking and digital. Her highest compliment is when readers say: "That character could be me!"

When Bek is not working on book projects, she's designing... sometimes she does both! She produces logos, posters, business cards and all manner of print material. Combining her Fine Art and Commercial Art training, Bek offers her clients polished design solutions and memorable results by deadline.

Sometimes too, Bek makes fine art pieces; richly observed watercolors and oil paintings of tropical fruits and places. Her pieces are to be found in private collections in Australia and across The Americas. Bek has inhabited The Outback, High Sierra, and now calls the metropolis of New York City home.

About Bek

What is Bek doing now?

Bek is currently looking for an agent... it's time to reach greater audiences! Meantime, she's creating an English version of Paloma Blanca and polishing off a few small graphics assignments.

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I've been an ARTIST and CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER since I can remember.


If I can create multi-layered images that produce squeals of delight from my young readers and wonderment from adults alike, then I am achieving my goals!

Bek Millhouse

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